ROXXON PRESENTS THOR #1 (04/17/2024)

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(W) Ewing, Al (A) Land, Greg (C) Land, Greg
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From the pages of IMMORTAL THOR - the ROXXON AGE OF COMIXX BEGINS! In his secret identity as A.I. spokesguru CHAD HAMMER- the son of Odin knows Mama Gaea is a TOP PRIORITY for heroes AND for business! But when a group of insane environmental activists take 'saving the Earth' TOO FAR- it's time to show them the wisdom on BOTH sides - AS THOR! But WHICH God of Evil is prompting the kids to rebel? Could it be...LOKI- GOD OF EVIL??? Featuring an all-star cast of heroes! MINOTAUR! EXECUTIONER! ENCHANTRESS! And the THOR-TRUCK! This is the story of THE ROXXIN' THOR... and it's a VITAL part of the 'ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTION' MEGA-EVENT! Rated T+