WOLVERINE ANNUAL #1 (08/14/2024)

$ 4.99

(W) Daniels, Ezra Claytan (A) Cinar, Yildiray (C) Salvador Larroca
StockID: 118794 SKU: JUN240784

'INFINITY WATCH' PART FIVE! WOLVERINE vs. INFINITY WATCH- and the whole world hangs in the balance! Logan's efforts to rescue a community from destruction are upended when the new Infinity Watch crashes into town! The claws come out to protect the innocents- but can even adamantium withstand the raw power of the INFINITY STONES? The best there is must summon the best he's got to survive! PLUS: Derek Landy and Sara Pichelli bring NICK FURY's investigation to a head as he closes in on the Death Stone bearer! Rated T+