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(W) Tynion Iv, James (A) Ward, Christian (C) Simmonds, Martin
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NEW SERIES DEBUT from DSTLRY! Modern masters JAMES TYNION IV and CHRISTIAN WARD join forces to bring you their next horror classic. A ghost story steeped in the decay of a century of capitalism. For years- the mansion has sat strangely- nestled into the coastline just a short drive north of Los Angeles. Rumors have haunted the place for years. Its owner a titan of American industry- with a strange fascination in the occult and the paranormal. For decades- the richest men and women in the country have whispered to each other- trying to understand what he was building alone in that mansion for all those years. And now finally- with his death- and his estate finally open for sale… They are eager to find out for themselves. Two of the most celebrated visionaries of the medium- multiple-Eisner Award winners James Tynion IV (THE NICE HOUSE ON THE LAKE- SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN- W0RLDTR33) and Christian Ward (BATMAN: CITY OF MADNESS- INVISIBLE KINGDOM) invite you into the world of SPECTREGRAPH- a haunting- cerebral horror novel that peels back the layers of America's opulent wealth and uncovers the rot underneath. But be careful: once you enter- you may never leave. SPECTREGRAPH is perfect for fans of THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE & THE CONJURING.