MANS BEST #1 (OF 5) CVR A LONERGAN (03/20/2024)

$ 4.99

(W) Pichetshote, Pornsak (A) Lonergan, Jesse (C) Lonergan, Jesse
StockID: 105120 SKU: JAN240014

Homeward Bound on an alien planet- Man's Best follows three emotional support pets living on the Starship Horizon - a spacecraft searching for a new planet to house a humanity compromised by bad decisions and corporate corruption. But after the ship crashes and their crew is captured- these loyal pets are their owners' only hope. Outfitted in outrageous mech suits- these three best friends must traverse a hostile world to rescue their owners - leaving them the only hope for a humanity that might not be worth saving- in an adventure threatening to tear their friendship apart. Pornsak Pichetshote- writer of the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning The Good Asian- soon to be adapted by director James Wan- in his first collaboration with Eisner Award-nominated rising star artist Jesse Lonergan (Hedra- Miss Truesdale and the Fall of Hyperborea) provide an action-packed sci-fi romp with something to say in a tale that spans the furthest reaches of space to tug at readers' hearts.