BIG BURN #1 CVR A GARBETT (07/10/2024)

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(W) Henderson, Joe (A) Garbett, Lee (C) Garbett, Lee
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NEW SERIES DEBUT from the Eisner-nominated creative team of SKYWARD! Owen and Carlie are the Bonnie and Clyde of the 21st century - a smooth- slick duo who pull off impossible heists- and have the time of their lives doing it. But when justice finally catches up to them- they think it's all over. Until the Devil himself offers them a deal - their freedom for their very SOULS. But they soon find that without their souls- their love is missing too. So they set out to recruit a crew of the damned for the ultimate heist: break into Hell and steal their souls back. Joe Henderson (SKYWARD- SHADECRAFT- Netflix's Lucifer) and Lee Garbett (SKYWARD- LOKI- UNCANNY SPIDER-MAN) invite you on a thrilling journey to a Hell you've never seen before. A place perfectly designed to give people hope- so that the devil can torture them with it when he takes it away. Again and again. That's right- Hell is a CASINO. And even with the greatest team of thieves- the house always wins. For fans of OCEANS 11- INCEPTION- LUCIFER- OUT OF SIGHT