FANTASTIC FOUR #21 (06/12/2024)

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(W) North, Ryan (A) Fiorelli, Ivan (C) Ross, Alex
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BLOOD HUNT TIE-IN: FORMULATING A CURE? Reed and Alicia are in New York for a day trip to an art museum- when suddenly the skies turn black with darkforce energy and vampires attack- everywhere- all at once! It's Reed Richards versus the world as he tries to save everyone he can - AND come up with a cure for vampirism! But vampires are magic- illogical- impossible. Can Reed come up with a cure? And even if he can't- how is he going to keep all the survivors alive and safe? And can Sue- Ben- and Johnny- all alone in Arizona- keep their families safe? It's a BLOOD HUNT tie-in you won't want to miss as the Fantastic Four take on a world overrun with VAMPIRES! Rated T+