INCREDIBLE HULK #13 (06/12/2024)

$ 3.99

(W) Johnson, Phillip Kennedy (A) Klein, Nic (C) Klein, Nic
StockID: 113078 SKU: APR240778

After smashing into STRANGE ACADEMY to save Charlie's life- DOCTOR VOODOO has sent the souls of both Hulk AND Banner into an exorcist's soul cage- where some of the most terrifying beings on Earth have been condemned for eternity. There they'll seek Charlie's last chance for survival: SUMUNGARU THE FLESH-WEAVER- one of the most evil sorcerers to ever live. Even if Hulk doesn't murder Banner first and even if they survive the encounter with Sumungaru- can Hulk and Banner convince such an evil creature to save Charlie? And what will it ask in return? One chapter ends- another begins in this pivotal issue! Rated T+