X-FORCE #1 LOGO VAR (07/31/2024)

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(W) Thorne, Geoffrey (A) To, Marcus (C) Logo,
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A NEW PATH FORGED! The world is fractured. FORGE uses his powers of invention to devise the only fix: an all-new- all-different X-FORCE! Forge leads a custom-made- handpicked team of mutants - RACHEL SUMMERS- BETSY BRADDOCK- SAGE- SURGE and introducing TANK - in off-the-books missions so dire- so integral to the fate of the Marvel Universe- there's no time to stop for permission! As Forge detects increasing threats across the planet- he will recruit a specialist for each target - first up: that regenerating degenerate- DEADPOOL! Be here for an X-Force like you've never seen them before- stick around to see who joins- who lives- who dies and uncover the mystery of Forge's discovery! Rated T+