LIFE #1 CVR A ZEZELJ (MR) (08/21/2024)

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(W) Phillips, Stephanie (A) Zezelj, Danijel (C) Zezelj, Danijel
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NEW 56 PAGE SERIES DEBUT. Brian Azzarello (THE BLOOD BROTHERS MOTHER- 100 Bullets) and Stephanie Phillips writing together for the first time (Grim- Harley Quinn) team up with artist Danijel Zezelj (Nostalgia) and colorist Lee Loughridge (Deadly Class) to create a masterfully crafted flip book- housing two enthralling narratives that collide in unexpected ways. In the future- a death penalty will be considered an act of kindness- as covert experiments have forced criminals with multiple life sentences to live all their time to full term. For the 'Casanova Killer-' that means living out the nearly 2-400 years of his 32 life sentences mining on a distant prison planet alongside some of humanity's most heinous offenders. Years pass… Decades turn to centuries- abandoned- the prisoners are shocked to see a ship approaching-filled with thieves hoping that their next big score is on the planet's long dead mine. They have no idea that the prisoners-are still alive. While the prisoners scheme to find a way off planet- the thieves plan the biggest score of their careers. Each issue of 'LIFE' is a flip book- housing one story from two different perspectives. A prison break and a heist both offer interlocking narratives- creating an immersive experience that will challenge your perceptions of justice while begging the immortal question: Who really wants to live forever? For fans of ALIENS- OCEAN'S ELEVEN- GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.