JONNY QUEST #1 CVR D LAYTON (08/14/2024)

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(W) Casey, Joe (A) Piriz, Sebastian (C) Layton, Bob
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YOU CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN… OR CAN YOU? Get ready to climb aboard the Sea Quest and embark for adventure once more! Legendary boy explorer JONNY QUEST is back- along with his intrepid scientist dad Dr. Benton Quest- bodyguard 'Race' Bannon- adopted brother Hadji- and all the rest of the beloved cast from the classic animated series! Launching out of its issue #0 prelude story in Dynamite's 2024 Free Comic Book Day release- this action-packed new title begins where the show left off in 1964- but things quickly take a turn for the uncanny as they team returns from an experiment at sea to their home base in Palm Key- only to discover that the once-familiar landscape is now strangely- disquietingly different! Superstar writer JOE CASEY (Superman- Ben 10) and powerhouse artist SEBASTIÁN PIRIZ (We Ride Titans- Deadweights) join together to bring you the brand-new tales of Jonny and the Quest team that the world has been waiting for - all enhanced by fully frameable covers from CHAD HARDIN- TOM RANEY- RICHARD PACE- and BOB LAYTON! ALL COVERS CARDSTOCK