DAZZLER #1 (OF 4) (09/18/2024)

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(W) Loo, Jason (A) Loureiro, Rafael (C) Dodson, Terry
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SO BRIGHT THIS STAR! DAZZLER- Marvel's glittering mutant songstress- has been in and out of the limelight over the years - but now the time has finally come for her to take center stage! Dazzler embarks on a new world tour- the culmination and celebration of her entire musical career! And along for the ride is her new road crew: Domino- Strong Guy and Multiple Man! But while Dazzler may be ready to focus on her music- her celebrity-mutant status and a violent attack may sideline the entire endeavor before it's even begun… Each issue features original song lyrics from Ali's notebook! Don't miss the concert - and comic - event of the year! Rated T+