MAGNETO #4 (11/01/2023)

$ 3.99

(W) Brisson, Ed (A) Godlewski, Scott (C) Kirk, Leonard
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IS HE EVIL MUTANT- OR IS HE HERO...OR IS HE BOTH? MAGNETO must come to grips with his past as the Head of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants- as well as his present as the Headmaster of the Xavier School's NEW MUTANTS! What is the TRUE destiny of Erik Lehnsherr? How can these two aspects co-exist in the same man? Don't miss the astounding final chapter of the character-defining saga by J.M. DeMatteis (SPIDER-MAN: Kraven's Last Hunt- CAPTAIN AMERICA) and Todd Nauck (X-MEN LEGENDS- AMAZING SPIDER-MAN)! Rated T+