GRAVEYARD CLUB #1 (OF 2) CVR B MORA (09/18/2024)

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(W) Stine, R. L. (A) Borelli, Carola (C) Mora, Dan
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Graves End is as sleepy a town as they come… especially being surrounded by cemeteries- and the local kids could think of nowhere else they'd rather wreak harmless havoc. But being surrounded by graveyards comes with the pervasive reminder that… there are more dead than there are living. This town is an endlessly eerie place with no shortage of strange and dangerous happenings- and when high schooler Parker West pulls what seems like a harmless prank- he may be putting his friends in more danger than he can imagine… Legendary author R.L. Stine (Goosebumps- Fear Street- Stuff of Nightmares) and rising star artist Carola Borelli (Spider-Woman- The Deadliest Bouquet) launch a coming-of-age horror series- a Breakfast Club in a graveyard filled with frights both nostalgic and new- for fans of Locke & Key and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!