AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #1 (OF 5) (09/11/2024)

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(W) Orlando, Steve (A) Smith, Cory, (C) Yu, Leinil
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RETURN TO AVENGERS MANSION! When vampires attacked- a ragtag group of volunteer Avengers changed the tide of battle. And in the aftermath- Captain America has formed the Avengers Emergency Response Squad! Steve's handpicked team of veterans and newcomers live and train in Avengers Mansion- and when Captain America sounds the mission horn- whoever's on base has seconds to pack up and deploy. When the Red Skull's daughter discovers a dangerous artifact- Cap- Wasp- Photon and Shang-Chi set out to stop her - while Hawkeye hosts a poker game for the late arrivals. Will the AVENG.E.R.S. pass their first real test? And did someone say…jackets? Spinning out of Jed MacKay's AVENGERS- comics powerhouses Steve Orlando (SCARLET WITCH- SPIDER-MAN 2099) and Cory Smith (WOLVERINE- GHOST RIDER) join forces to expand the world of the Avengers! Rated T+